Protect your pet in a disaster

Disaster management work around the world

For more than 50 years, World Animal Protection has been helping communities and countries around the globe prepare for their animals in a disaster or provide them with vital disaster relief.

World Animal Protection is also the only animal welfare organisation to have a full-time, dedicated disaster management team. As a result of this dedication and experience - we are a world leader in animal disaster management work.

World Animal Protection also holds ‘general consultative status at the UN’. Our work in the animal disaster management field forms a valuable part of this critical relationship.


Why help animals in a disaster?

Helping disaster-struck animals not only reduces their distress, it also helps whole communities. Many of the world’s poorest people are totally reliant on animals for food, transport and their livelihoods. Pets are also valued as important companions the world over.

Through our global experience in the field, we know that helping animals in a disaster therefore helps communities to survive and also recover.

The survival of people and animals in a disaster, and their eventual recovery, cannot be seen in isolation.

How does World Animal Protection provide emergency relief for animals?

When disaster strikes

Our global network of expert disaster response teams can be there within days
This ensures the right type of relieve is delivered to the right areas

We also help governments and communities to prepare

World Animal Protection works with international bodies, governments, national and local partners and other NGOs to empower communities in disaster-prone areas. We do this by setting up national warning systems and showing people how to prepare for disasters, by:


Creating adequate storage for food

We continue to help communities recover and rebuild

In some communities, responding fast to protect animals can reduce the need for long-term aid. If animals are saved, families can stay self-sufficient as their animals either offer income or much-needed companionship.

The eventual recovery of communities post-disaster, is just as critical as the World Animal Protection team preparing communities for and responding to disasters: 

We work to get living conditions back to normal for all affected animals

We never know when a disaster will strike. But with your help, World Animal Protection can continue to move communities to prepare for; respond to and eventually recover from disasters with much-needed support.